Eternal Rose Flower in a Glass Dome with Heart on Top

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Make your special someone feel loved and cared for ❤️

🌹 This Eternal Rose Flower in an elegant glass dome with a heart shape design on top will do just that for you.

Express your romantic feelings and affection for your beloved effortlessly 🥰

The detailed and thoughtfully preserved rose flower is eternal, undying and it withstands the test of time...just like your love for your partner.

With the cute heart design on top of the glass dome, your partner will see clearly how you feel for her. 💖

🌺 She’ll appreciate it and will jump in joy receiving such a gift that comes from your heart. 

You’ll surely don’t want to miss the spark in her eyes and her lips that curve like a crescent moon that’s so cute and pretty once you hand this flower bouquet to her in surprise 🤗

🌷 This Eternal Rose also gives colour and accent to any rooms and spaces at home when used as a decor…

...that she’d remember the exact moment you gifted it to her and she’ll feel like falling in love all over again with you. ❤️


  • Material: Black Base | Eternal Rose Flower (preserved) | Glass Dome with glass heart design

🎁 Perfect as a gift for your special someone, partner or mother.

Great gift for birthdays, anniversary, Christmas day, Valentine's Day, mother's day, wedding or if you simply want to show your appreciation and overflowing love.


1 x Eternal Rose Flower in a Glass Dome with a Heart design on top


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...and make your special someone feel more appreciated and loved.